Brown and gold Shield logo with IL State seal on top of a Sheriff star on top of an outline of Monroe County

Our K-9s 🐶 🚓

Our K-9s are trained to sniff out drugs, explosives, and other contraband. They are also trained to track and apprehend suspects.

K-9 posing in snowy grass


K9 Kondor was born August 15, 2013. He came to the United States from Hungary in February 2015. Kondor and his handler, Deputy Ed Ahne, graduated from Vohne Liche Academy in Indiana. Sheriff Neal Rohlfing added K9 Kondor to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department in April 2015 through the use of grants and donations. Kondor is a very skilled dog that is highly trained in Narcotics Detection, Apprehensions, Tracking, and Handler Protection.

Triptych of K-9 with handler next to squad car, in snowy grass and indoors going into a room with a white door.

K-9 on leash posing in grass


K-9 Sven, a male German Shepherd, was born June 24, 2015 in Augsburg, Germany. Through generous donations and fundraisers, Sven was acquired from Vohne Liche Kennels located in Denver, IN. Sven and his handler, Deputy Justin Mendenhall, completed 320 hours of training at the Macon County Sheriff’s Department K-9 academy, located in Decatur, IL. Sven became a certified dual purpose patrol K-9. Sven is certified in narcotics, tracking, article searches, building and area searches, obedience and handler protection.

Triptych of K-9 with handler in front of large engraved stone sign for kennels, running in the grass outside, and then next to Monroe County Sheriff squad SUV with handler kneeling adjacent to it.